Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look out I'm coming out of my shell!!

As you can see I went on Hiatus. Lots of things happening in my life and one of my goals is to find my creative side again. So look forward to projects that I just started working on and want to share with you. I'm excited I have several favorite sites, styles and techniques that I want to learn and hopefully share with you.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Mom

Judy A. Kneisley (Osborne)

This was a project I've wanted to do for awhile, but was too chicken to try it. I lost her two years ago, but have not been able to scrap one page of her. Pretty sad but I so wanted to finally do this. I know there is no fancy footwork, but it does come from my heart. I still miss my mom every day and I guess this is my way to say Hi to her and to let her know that she will never be forgotten.

Pretty Paper Blog

I never used to read blogs and then my sister would say something about so and so's blog and did you see this and then send me links. Eventually she got me addicted to reading blogs as much as she got me addicted to scrapping.

On one of our weekends out shopping in Dayton (about an hour from us) I came across some papers that I fell in love with Graphics 45 and I know they are not new, but I was always slow, probably because I didn't read all those blogs lol. I bought little bit of everything and was dreaming up what can I do with it. Well phooey it's still sitting on my desk waiting for my ideas. So I start searching and come across Christie with Pretty Paper Blog and guess what she is on the design team for Graphics 45. So I started a project last night and since today is my little girls birthday I am hoping to finish tomorrow. What I really want to figure out is, is it a gift at birth or do you learn to be that talented. So maybe this old dog can be taught something lol. I will be back tonight to post my half way through project which the ideas came from Christie. Hopefully she won't be ashamed of my post lol.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My New Favorite Site!!

House of 3

The House of 3 combine the awesome talents of three of my favorite people Heidi Swap, Rhonna Farrer and Janet Hopkins. I love how they bring all of their talents together. They are having their big housewarming this weekend, so make sure you check it out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Project 365 Sheesh!!

Ok! That doesn't sound right does it. I am a slacker, pure and simple ask my sister. I look at Pati's Blog, wow does she rock. I'm sorry but how she manages to do that is just so awesome. Frankly it ticks me off, how did she get that talent and where did my portion of those genes go?
So I'm going back to scrapping. Today I'm uploading a couple of layouts that I have done. But if anyone can give me better ideas on posting my pages where they just don't look so bad I would greatly appreciate it!!

Ok Project 365 just didnt work